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What We Left Behind: Looking Back at Deep Space 9 [TBC]

Runtime: 130 mins

Distributor: Cinevents Ltd

Playing in cinemas for one night only, WHAT WE LEFT BEHIND takes a fascinating in-depth look at the past, present and future of DEEP SPACE NINE, a series whose dark, edgy take on Gene Roddenberry’s vision was often misunderstood when it premiered but has grown into a beloved mainstay in the Star Trek franchise. Featuring extensive new interviews with the cast and crew of the show as well as newly remastered HD footage from the television series, this documentary also focuses on the original writers of the series as they craft a brand-new episode, developing what would be the eighth-season premiere if the show were to return to the air today. To round off the evening, a recorded roundtable discussion with directors Ira Steven Behr, David Zappone and the film’s producers will provide a comprehensive look at the making of the film, the show’s fans and the series’ ongoing appeal to Trekkers of all ages.


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