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Picturehouse presents

We Love Anime: Pompo the Cinephile [TBC]

Runtime: 95 mins

Distributor: Anime Ltd

This screening features a recorded introduction by Dr. Jonathan Clements. The series centers on Joel Davidovich Pomponette (Pompo- san), a talented film producer at the movie capital "Nyallywood." Despite her prowess to see through to the potential of actors and staff and bring out their talent to the fullest, she has only been producing B-class action and erotic films. One day, Pompo's "film-worm" assistant Gene, who has been doubtful of her choices of film genres, is given the task to direct a film based on a script written by her. Will Gene be able to bring Pompo's "masterpiece" to fruition? © 2020 Shogo Sugitani/KADOKAWA/Pompo Project


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