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The Active Ingredients of Liverpool

Mandela 8 and Liverpool Against Racism presents

The Active Ingredients of Liverpool

FACT, 88 Wood Street, Liverpool, L1 4DQ
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Runtime: 30 mins

Presented as part of Liverpool Against Racism, join us for the first screenings of The Active Ingredients of Liverpool by Mandela8. Filmed and produced in L8, this powerful film takes you on a journey of community activism in Liverpool, and the influence of people when they work together to achieve change. It aims to capture the legacy of activism of the area by remembering and recording important stories. The Active Ingredients of Liverpool brings together multiple generations, from the 1980s anti-apartheid campaigners to the young activists of today, to the pass the baton on.


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Mandela8 is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. Its initial vision is to see a permanent artwork that functions as an unique performance, conversation and contemplation space established at a Toxteth Liverpool 8 heritage site, to celebrate, commemorate and pursue the legacy of Nelson Mandela’s outstanding achievement for humanity. The project will help to conserve and widely share existing historical and contemporary heritage, support community development and cohesion, produce a series of creative commissions and collaborations, with widespread community and educational engagement and participation.

Liverpool Against Racism is a brand new festival that takes a stand against racism. Championed by the Mayor of Liverpool Joanne Anderson, Liverpool Against Racism will take place in April 2022 and will feature specially commissioned music and cultural events which will stimulate a conversation about, and action against, racism. With a focus on community cohesion, it will act as a platform for people and organisations to creatively respond to hate crime.

The Active Ingredients of Liverpool is part of the Mandela8 Paxton's Princes Park Mandela Memorial and Legacy Programme and is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Image: Still from The Active Ingredients of Liverpool.

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