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Picturehouse presents

Onward [U]

Runtime: 107 mins

Distributor: Walt Disney International

Director: Dan Scanlon

Starring: Chris Pratt, Octavia Spencer, Tom Holland, Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Set in a suburban fantasy world where dragons are house pets and unicorns are common pests, Pixar’s ONWARD follows two teenage elf brothers on a quest to spend one last day with their father. Neither Ian nor Barley Lightfoot (Tom Holland and Chris Pratt) are old enough to remember their dad, who died when they were very young, but the unexpected gift of a wizard’s staff gives them the chance to revive his spirit for 24 hours. After their first attempt at sorcery goes wrong and only resurrects a pair of sentient trousers, Ian and Barley go an adventure across fairy-tale suburbia to complete the spell and fulfil their wish of meeting the father they never knew.


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