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My Neighbor Totoro Picturehouse

Picturehouse presents

My Neighbour Totoro [U]

Runtime: 86 mins

Distributor: Studiocanal

Director: Hayao Miyazaki

Miyazaki’s superbly animated tale is considered to be one of the best-loved family films of all time. The story follows Satsuki (Hidaka) and Mei (Sakamoto), two young girls who find their new home is by a mystical forest inhabited by a menagerie of fantastical creatures called Totoros. They befriend O-Totoro, the biggest and eldest of them, and king of the forest. While the girls' mother lies sick in hospital, O-Totoro takes them on a magical adventure and helps them to understand the realities of life. Containing a powerful ecological theme, this is a lovingly crafted work of depth, import and beauty.


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