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I Vitelloni [PG]

Runtime: 107 mins

Distributor: BFI

The film that established Fellini as a director of international standing is a fond recollection of the director’s own experience as an adolescent, telling with a balanced blend of drama and humour the story of an aimless quintet of good-for-nothing young loafers. Trapped as much by their own moral bankruptcy as by the futureless society in which they have never quite grown up, they periodically relieve their boredom with practical jokes and other mischief. Featuring an achingly beautiful score by Fellini’s regular collaborator Nino Rota, I VITELLONI was one of Stanley Kubrick’s favourites, and would also go on to influence many of the filmmakers of the New American Cinema. “Beautifully shot and performed, and governed by an inextricable mixture of affectionate sympathy and acid satire” - Time Out


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