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I Am Cuba

Liverpool Architectural Society presents

I Am Cuba [PG]

The Box, Ground Floor
FACT, 88 Wood Street, Liverpool, L1 4DQ
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Runtime: 141 mins

Genre: Drama

I Am Cuba is an anti-American propaganda film, made as a Cuban-Soviet co-production, that has been snatched from oblivion, restored, and released in the United States as a presentation of Martin Scorsese and Francis Coppola. Since the film's prediction of a brave new world under Fidel Castro has not resulted in a utopia for Cubans, who suffer under one of the world's most dismal bureaucracies, the film today seems naive and dated - but fascinating.

This screening will begin with a short 10-15 minute introduction from the Liverpool Architectural Society, and is part of a series:

Tue 21 Sep, 18:30: Man With Movie Camera

Tue 12 Oct, 18:30: I Am Cuba

Tue 2 Nov, 18:30: Don't Look Now

This screening is part of our Community Cinema. If you're an artist, independent filmmaker, charity, film club, or arts organisation, find out how FACT can support your film screening.


Tickets — £8

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