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Hopster Showtime: Into The Hopster-Verse [U]

Runtime: 40 mins

Distributor: Hopster/Plato Media Limited

Hopster is a beautifully designed app for the under-sixes, aiming to strike the perfect balance between learning and fun. Available on smartphones, tablets, and selected smart TVs, kids’ learning is at the heart of everything they do, making screen time a win/win for parents and children. Find out more on: Saturday Club is their brand new animated series, which explores emotions & empathy for preschoolers Join us this month for another excellent selection of the best shows for your little ones! This programme will feature: SATURDAY CLUB SEASON 1 The Princess Rulebook Suzy disagrees with the Princess Rulebook, so she decides to make her own rules. Grumpy Neighbours Jamie is sad because his grumpy neighbour took his football. By putting himself in his neighbour's shoes, Jamie understands his neighbour's reaction better. One Small Step for Jo Jo thinks she wouldn't like to spend 6 months on her own in a spaceship. But her friends help her see that it would be worth it! Tian's Pencil Tian doesn't want to share his pencils, so Grandad asked the group to work together to draw during the class today. Noisy babies The group of friends are wondering why babies are so loud, so they try to understand them by not being able to make other people understand them. Little Birdie Caw Caw Grandad explains to Tian and his friends that animals should be free. TWO MINUTES TALES The Little Wooden Boy The tale of a wooden boy who learns, on his first day at school, that everyone is different in their own way. The Very Serious Princess The tale of a very serious princess who learns, with the help of a big Grey Goose, the joys of being silly. The Very Greedy Pigs The tale of three greedy pigs who learn that good things come to those who wait. The Wolf in the Woods The tale of a little girl who, with the help of a big bad wolf, learns to think for herself. HOPSTER JAM Do The Flush Original song by Hopster Cools Beans Original song by Hopster Incy Wincy Spider Original song by Hopster


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