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Tokyo story

Picturehouse presents

Gasper Noé Presents: Tokyo Story [U]

Runtime: 136 mins

Distributor: BFI

To celebrate the release of Vortex, the latest from acclaimed director Gaspar Noé, Culture Shock presents a diverse selection of films personally curated by Noé himself, each relating to the narrative, formal and collaborative elements of Vortex. A crowning achievement in the filmography of unparalleled Japanese auteur Yasujiro Ozu, Tokyo Story carefully charts an aging couple’s journey into the city to visit their children. Both children – their son, a surburban doctor, and their daughter, owner of a hairdressing salon – fail to find the time to entertain their parents, leaving only their widowed daughter-in-law, who volunteers to take them sightseeing across Tokyo. Featuring well-observed, wonderful performances and a universal tale of family matters, Tokyo Story captures precisely what makes Ozu’s work special: nuanced, endearing human stories elevating their everyday settings with ease.


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