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Eyes wide shut

Eyes Wide Shut (20th Anniversary) [18]

Runtime: 167 mins

Distributor: Park Circus Films

Shrouded in secrecy and rife with gossip and speculation, the final film from the legendary Stanley Kubrick was four years in the making and was completed just five days before the director’s death. Elegantly filmed in leisurely long takes, with characteristically beautiful production design and cinematography, the film gradually unfolds something of a sexual odyssey around smart New York, as the revelation of a sexual fantasy sends a seemingly blissful marriage into crisis. Loosely based on Arthur Schnitzer’s novel, ‘Traumnovelle’, EYES WIDE SHUT features a highly charged performance from Nicole Kidman that ranks among her very best. This screening will be preceded by a new short film, NEVER JUST A DREAM: STANLEY KUBRICK AND EYES WIDE SHUT.


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