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Picturehouse presents

Caught in the Net [15]

Runtime: 100 mins

Distributor: No Company

Three adult actresses posing as 12-year-old girls, three fake girls’ bedrooms, 10 days and 2,458 sexual predators. Tasked with creating fake social network profiles, the actresses chat or Skype with men of all ages who try to sweet-talk or browbeat them into taking off their clothes and sending them racy pictures. All conducted live on camera, the documentary delivers the eye-opening, gripping drama of the protagonists from casting and live chat accompanied by psychologists and others who monitor the interactions, to face-to-face meetings with predators (watched by security and six hidden cameras). A radical social experiment highlighting the extent of the sexual abuse of young people on the internet in which the hunters become the hunted. Essential viewing, not only for parents. Part of the 25th Made in Prague Festival, 7 November - 10 December 2021 organised by the Czech Centre London.


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