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Bolshoi Ballet: Jewels (Live 2020) [12A]

Runtime: 165 mins

Distributor: Trafalgar Releasing

George Balanchine’s extravagant abstract ballet in three parts. Each part draws on a different jewel, a different composer and a different age of ballet history. The first, ‘Emeralds’, is danced to music by Fauré and encapsulates the poise of nineteenth-century France; ‘Rubies’ set to Stravinsky represents the furious pace of New York City, Balanchine’s adoptive home; and ‘Diamonds’ danced to Tchaikovsky, pays homage to the Imperial Russian tradition. Created for New York City Ballet in 1967, JEWELS is a stunning example of the way Balanchine’s work successfully fused modernity with classicism.


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