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The Last Picture Show

Guest Screening: The Last Picture Show

The Box / Ground Floor / FACT


Event passed

Tickets no longer available.

Join the Liverpool Architectural Society for a screening of The Last Picture Show, which follows a group of high schoolers as they come of age in a bleak West Texas town that is slowly dying, both culturally and economically.

The Last Picture Show will be introduced by Artist Lisa Cole-Kronenburg.

This film is a part of Town and Country, a film series organised by the Liverpool Architectural Society, that takes you on an international tour of small-town life, its problems and advantages, with filmic visions from the bucolic and nostalgic, to the claustrophobic and threatening. Each film will have a short introduction by an architect or film historian.

The Liverpool Architectural Society Film Series 2018-19 is supported by the Royal Institute of British Architects Local Initiative Fund.

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