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Sara Sadik, Xenon Palace Championship

R.I.P. Germain & Sara Sadik

Coming soon. Two ambitious artworks by artists R.I.P. Germain and Sara Sadik transform our the galleries into a series of immersive installations.

FACT Liverpool
88 Wood Street
L1 4DQ
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From 5 July, discover two ambitious installations by artists R.I.P. Germain and Sara Sadik. The works play with the complex social dynamics of isolation and cultural gatekeeping to indirectly expose societal prejudices.

Inspired by different kinds of businesses and social establishments, from high-end jewellers to night clubs to shisha lounges, the works question how perceptions of places contribute to judgements we make about the people who frequent them.

Step through a secret entrance or hidden back door to look beyond the surface of people and places, and glimpse the different social worlds that exist often hidden in plain sight.

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