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0hm1gas Manifesta4

0h!m1gas Workshop

Suitable for ages 10+. This event is free but booking is essential.


Sat 21 Mar / 11:00-15:00 — FREE

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Part of the Spring 2020 season

The cow goes moo, the duck goes quack, the ant goes…? Have you ever wondered what kind of noises ants make and what conversations they may be having?

Join artist Kuai Shen and build your own electronic amplifier, designed to listen to the quietest sounds of the living planet. After the workshop you’ll be able to take your amplifier home and listen to the ants living around you!

All materials provided. This event is free but places are limited. Booking is essential.


Kuai Shen, Oh!m1gas, (2012). Image by Kristof Vrancken. Installation view at Manifesta.

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