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Environmental and Sustainability Policy

FACT is an art gallery, cinema complex and conferencing venue in Liverpool. FACT recognises that our business impacts on the local environment, community and economy in many ways. We are committed to considering the environment and integrating sustainable values into our business activities. This is achieved through this Environmental Policy and our management of objectives and targets, and through the ongoing participation and vigilance of our staff.

FACT follows the Brudtland report’s definition of sustainable development as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. We seek to reduce the negative effect of what we do as much as possible, as well as to find ways to make a positive difference through our actions.

This policy explains our approach to environmental sustainability and provides a reminder and guidance to staff in their day to day work. It clearly communicates our approach to environmental sustainability to all our stakeholders and organisations we work with.

our impacts

We are committed to reducing the negative environmental impacts of our own

activities, in particular those relating to:

  • Our building: energy use, water use and waste; 

  • Travel to our venue by visitors and staff: carbon emissions and energy use 

  • Our staff business travel: carbon emissions and energy use 

  • Our communications materials: production and transport of printed materials, 
and use of energy for storage, downloading, and/or online reading for digital 

  • Our events: food, waste, transport and travel to venue; 

  • The goods and business services we use for our operations: stationery, ICT 
and electronic equipment, website, data and email server hosting and banking. 

our commitments

Energy and Water Consumption

  • Reducing our energy use and carbon emissions year on year 

  • Maintaining building management equipment to a high standard to reduce 
unnecessary heating and ventilation of the building 

  • Always endeavouring to use in-house equipment before hiring in additional 

  • Making energy efficiency a key consideration in the purchase of new electrical 

  • Powering down all lighting and electrical equipment when not in use and 

  • Using water efficiently and minimising water wastage 

  • Monitoring and recording our energy consumption 

  • Transport and Travel Demands
  • Promoting widely to visitors to our building that our venue is easily accessible by public transport 

  • Wherever possible, staff travel on foot, by bicycle or by public transport to events and meetings 

  • We encourage conference calls and virtual meetings wherever possible to reduce the need for national and international travel 

  • Salary sacrifice schemes in place to encourage cycling to work, and secure bike racks available for staff 
Waste Reduction
  • Reducing our waste to landfill year on year 

  • Maximise the proportion of our waste that is recycled, working in partnership 
with our waste disposal company 

  • Making sure we have all information easily accessible on our website so that 
information can be shared electronically, helping to limit paper wastage 

  • Using environmentally sustainable paper in our office printers and for all our 
printed materials 

  • Regularly reviewing our suppliers, and actively considering environmental 
sustainability within our tendering and procurement processes.
  • Sustainable Catering
  • Advising clients of appropriate quantities of food per delegate to minimise wastage 

  • Buying from local suppliers who are committed to sustainability 

  • Offering fair trade alternatives 

  • Offering distilled tap water rather than bottled mineral water 


  • Communicate our environmental commitment through signposting and by discussing sustainability with customers and suppliers 

  • Provide staff with environmental policy induction and communicate any other relevant information that contributes to the support of the environmental plan 

  • Integrate the consideration of environmental sustainability into all of our decision-making activities at all levels throughout the organisation

Responsibility for Reviewing and Maintaining this Policy

We are committed to working with our Board, senior management, staff, suppliers, funders and our external stakeholders to ensure we consider and communicate the environmental impacts of our activities. We will produce an annual report on our environmental performance and progress, and make this available both internally and externally. 
This policy is reviewed on an annual basis by our board, and updated as and when necessary. The policy is supported by an Environmental Action Plan. The Action Plan is informed by our environmental monitoring and by feedback from engaging with our internal and external stakeholders. It is reviewed and updated on an annual basis, and approved by FACT’s management team.