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Build Your Own Terrarium

Join artist Greg Herbert to explore and celebrate the different varieties of micro-ecological systems that exist in our everyday infrastructure such as back gardens, balconies, rooftops and window ledges.

Drawing on his own sculptural practice and research, the artist will provide a step by step guide to help you identify and seek out different varieties of moss and learn how to build a bottle terrarium from recycled materials.

Venture out safely on your daily stroll and see which moss varieties you can forage using the PDF moss map below. Then, join the Facebook event to have a go at building your very own moss terrarium with your findings!

In the Facebook event, you will receive a PDF Build a Bottle Terrarium guide alongside an image-video tutorial.

Microecologies by Greg Herbert

Header Image: Microecologies (2020), Photograph by Greg Herbert, Courtesy of the artist

Mosses are often described by what they lack, in comparison to the more familiar higher plants. They lack flowers, fruits and seeds and have no roots. They have no vascular system, no xylem and phloem to conduct water internally. They are the most simple of plants, and in their simplicity, elegant.

Robin Wall Kimmerer