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Donate to help inspire young people, build the next generation of artists and give a platform to the voices and visionaries of the future. Be part of our journey to make a difference and help keep what we do free for everyone to enjoy.

Your donation helps us to push the boundaries of art and innovation, giving opportunities to people from Liverpool and beyond to tell their stories through art, gaming and immersive technologies.

If every visitor gave just £3 a year, our cutting-edge programme of workshops, exhibitions and residencies would be entirely funded by you.

By supporting us today, you are helping to create transformative experiences that spark the imagination and enrich lives. Take a look at the stories below to see how your donation can provide a platform or opportunity for someone to create, listen, interact, and make sense of the world today.

Do Something Saturdays
Danielle Brathwaite Shirley When Our Worlds Meet 2022 Installation view at FACT Liverpool Photo by Drew Forsyth WEB RES 2
0060 Uncertain Data WEB 7203

Give Once

£5 can inspire a class of 30 pupils with activity packs on a school tour

£25 can empower young people by creating artworks with artists to be exhibited in our galleries

£100 can train a local facilitator to work with communities and expand the reach of what we do

Give Monthly

£3 a month can help a family to take part in our free Do Something Saturday workshops

£10 a month can support veterans in prison and their families to create and collaborate with artists

£30 a month can help an emerging artist to access residencies and mentorship at pivotal moments in their career