Nosferatu with live score by Minima Cert. PG Picture house at FACT

  • Released1922
  • Running time84 minutes
  • DirectorFW Murnau
  • CastMax Schreck

F W Murnau’s classic (and pirated) version of Bram Stoker’s 'Dracula' remains the most faithful adaptation, and it introduced the vampyre to the screen for the first time, played here with sickening menace by Max Schreck. Jonathan Harker travels to Transylvania on a mysterious summons. His return brings doom upon himself, his marriage and his town in the shape of Max Schreck’s hideous figure of evil, a supernatural harbinger of pestilence, death and sexual threat.

  • Thumb
  • Nosferatu 7
  • Nosferatu 6
  • Nosferatu 5
  • Nosferatu 4
  • Nosferatu 3
  • Nosferatu 2
  • Nosferatu 1
  • Minima


This film is no longer showing.

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