What's your simple truth?

Saturday 11 June / 11am - 6pm / FACT Connects Space / FREE, drop-in


The truth is always simple, but can be hidden or confused by the complications of daily life. What should a man be? How should he act? How should he feel? On Saturday 11 June, we'll create the time and space to explore the connection between masculinity and being a man, what this means to you and of course have fun in the process!


As we continue to build a picture of real views and understanding on this topic we want to know what you think! With activities for all age ranges, the opportunity to participate in a live performance and a full workshop for those who wish to dig a little deeper, there's something for everybody man, woman or child, so why not pop in and get involved!?


Get involved!


How do you represent yourself when the only one of your physical features you can use is your outline? We've got pens, pencils, paints, pastels, and all kinds of other materials for you to re-create yourself in life-size.


Create a collage to tell us what you think, using images from various magazines and other media, or even bring some with you! Prefer to do it digitally? Create a digital self portrait, collage, image, video or slideshow to express your views.


Or have you got a "simple truth" to share? Come in and write it on our board. Want to have a think about someone else's first? Come into the space and take a look at the exhibition, have a chat with us and who knows what we'll find? 

Or why not get involved in the live durational performance and literally start putting the pieces together with us! This element of participation is limited, so please be advised you may need to wait for your turn, or contact jay.bell@fact.co.uk in advance to arrange your slot.

Event times

This event is no longer running.