Walk into Space

Monday 23, Tuesday 24 & Wednesday 25 January / 2pm & 7pm / £8, £4 students booking required


Join IJAD Dance for the world premiere of Walk into Space, an interactive, dynamic performance exploring the concept of microgravity.


Set against a backdrop of real-time views of space, via satellite telescope, Walk into Space turns the performance space, the dancers, and the audience into stars, planets and satellites.


The event also sees the launch of IJAD’s creative digital platform, Open Online Theatre. Open Online Theatre brings together digital technology and sensography (choreography tailored specifically for online streaming) to revolutionise communication between artist and audience. WATCH US LIVE ON THE DAYS: http://www.openonlinetheatre.org/about/ 


Open Online Theatre builds on IJAD’s ongoing mission to embed you in the creative process – to take you on a journey from inspiration to creation where day by day you see the evolution from thought to incarnation.


Open Online Theatre will be your chance to shape how we Walk into Space, both in the run-up to the show and on the night. See ijaddancecompany.com for details of how to sign up. 

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This event is no longer running.