Hybrid Lives 1

The Co-Working space at FACT will host a week-long residency of doctorial research students from the Creative Exchange programme (RCA, Newcastle).

This week-long residency will imagine the co-working space as a marketplace of free knowledge circulation, where everyone is a trader. Currency is unlimited and takes form as idea, research, concept, fact, anecdote etc. Trading is optional, but encouraged. The researchers will log their transactions and produce a text-based intervention made freely available to all. This exercise is to consider the value of knowledge in its various incarnations between its purveyors.

Join the researchers in conversation and co-work with them in the space.

Initiated by Susannah E Haslam, Doctoral Researcher at the RCA, London, in collaboration with Tess Denman-Cleaver, Doctoral Researcher at Newcastle University, as part of the Creative Exchange.