20 October / 12am - 7pm / The Box / FREE (Just drop in!)

In this exhibition, Brian Mackern addresses the representation of places and different aspects of the localization of ‘being’. The meaning of ‘being’ is in his view twofold: to be oneself while also being (or not) in a place or environment.

What aspects are involved in that ‘being’? Memories and/or remembrance? How do we reconstruct these memories? How do these memories evolve into their own reproduction every time we bring them into the light of consciousness? How does noise (as external information that intermingles with memory and remembrance) add up to create these representations? Which input/output media work inside us to build these memories? How does a smell translate into visual, sound or tactile representational patterns? What activates long forgotten memories of childhood? As the famous movie put it, is déjà vu a glitch in the matrix?These are some of the things that most attract Brian when recreating places and detours in his daily life.

For this residence art work he intends to rework his memories of the port of Montevideo (Uruguay) through the gathering of information and recording of sound and visual material about the port of Liverpool.

Ports are waypoints on a trip, ingesting and refashioning cultures, rebuilding urban traces and histories. Ports construct societies and are ways of reinserting new and old meanings into our ways of seeing and being in the world; they provide opportunities for a outsider stuck inside another culture to question their being in this world. They are, in other words, interfaces.