The MRL: Carolan Guitar Workshop & Performance

14 July / 2pm - 5pm / FACT Bar / FREE


Come and play with the Carolan guitar at our open mic session. Carolan is an unusual guitar that carries its life story with it. Scanning Carolan’s decorative inlay with a phone or tablet reveals its history, from documentation of how it was first conceived and built to songs and stories from the players it has met on its journey. Come along and play Carolan and add to its history, explore its journey so far and also learn how to design your own interactive decorative patterns.


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The acts performing as part of this event are:


There will also be a workshop taking place in FACTLab which explores the history and evolution of musical instruments, where by hacking their own instruments and sharing hacks with each other, participants will help shape the identity of a new instrument and will gain hands-on experience in digital music performance.


This workshop was supported by the The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) [Grant number: EP/L019981/1 The FAST IMPACt Project] 

Event times

This event is no longer running.