FREE / all welcome / no booking required
5.30pm / The Garden by LEAF at FACT
23 April / 21 May / 18 June

Thanks to your votes on social media, we have now chosen the next two books to discuss! So grab a copy and get reading...
21 May 2014 - Zoo City (2010) by Lauren Beukes
Zinzi December finds people. Even if they don’t want to be found, like missing pop starlet Songweza. Trouble is, when you go turning over stones and digging up secrets it isn’t long before the real truth comes to light. A truth the local crime lord, dark magician and beast master, will kill to keep hidden. In Lauren Beukes’ shattered city, magic is horribly real and the criminal classes sport symbiotically linked animals.

18 June 2014 - Mockingbird (1980) by Walter Tevis
The future is a grim place in which the declining human population wanders, drugged and lulled by electronic bliss. It's a world without art, reading and children, a world where people would rather burn themselves alive than endure. Even Spofforth, the most perfect machine ever created, cannot bear it and seeks only that which he cannot have - to cease to be.