Tech Talks: Digital Art in Public Spaces

1 December / 11am - 3pm / FREE. booking required


The event will bring together projects from the Digital R&D Fund for Arts portfolio along with others working in the field of digital public art. The event is designed to share the learning that has been developed during the lifetime of the Fund and to learn from those working in the ‘digital space’.


There are a number of projects exploring how digital technology can be used to engage audiences or provide them with a means to access art in non traditional formats / venues. This tech talk will showcase these projects and explore a number of issues including:


How to use digital technology to deliver cultural engagement in this way
What are the challenges in providing digital art in public spaces? - What’s needed in terms of infrastructure?
How do you engage stakeholders for this type of project?
How do you gather audience responses, evaluate success and measure impact?


The Tech Talk will include presentations from organisations delivering digital art in public spaces, lunch, a panel discussion and opportunities to network with other organisations working in the field.


Organisations being featured during the day are:
Abandon Normal Devices
Invisible Flock


The day will be chaired by Jo Wright, Executive Director of FACT and is for practitioners, companies and researchers working in the field of digital public art.


Registration on the day will take place from 10.30am so please arrive early.


This event has been programmed by FACT, in collaboration with Nesta, Arts Council England and Arts & Humanities Research Council.

Event times

This event is no longer running.