Should an art gallery be a place to test new products out on the public?

Tuesday 28th June / 3.30pm - 4.30pm / International Festival of Business / FREE 

Join us at the International Festival of Business for a series of quick fire presentations highlighting the pros and cons of collaborating between creative industries, emerging academic research and artists in an art gallery setting.


This event will speak to organisations who are considering working collaboratively with unusual and novel partners outside of their specific field, weather as part of product development or as speculative part of their research and ideation.


Centered around FACT’s innovation hub FACTLab, we will look at the value of working with a public-facing cultural centre and the impact that can have on products and services development. 



Richard Koeck, University of Liverpool, CAVA

Lee Omar, Red Ninja

Jeremy Davenport, Alpha Procurement

Mark Wright, Director FACTLab, LJMU

Alex Pearl, Artist

Jo Wright, Executive Director FACT - Compare

Event times

This event is no longer running.