Nation Estate 1

From 6pm we'll be opening the gallery for an exclusive first look at Science Fiction: New Death

Explore how our relationship with technology has blurred the lines between the real and the virtual; making our everyday lives feel increasingly like science fiction. Artists including James Bridle, Jon Rafman, Mark Leckey, Larissa Sansour and Ryan Trecartin, plus award-winning science fiction author China Miéville will present works which explore how technology is creating new ways of living (and dying), of fashioning identities and the growth of cult-like communities.

The event is completely free, open to all, and no booking is required. Limited edition, free, Sci-Fi inspired cocktails from Almost Famous will be served from 6pm. 

Following the opening, we head to The Kazimier for the official afterparty featuring Archimedes a Live AV show from Daedelus. Tickets and more information about the afterparty are available here

Archimedes is a bespoke, moving, complex array of mirrors that shift and shimmer into a series of choreographed geometric shapes that both reflect, refract, twist and splice a complex lighting arrangement all in time with the music produced.