Protest! Is it possible in the 21st Century?

18 June / 9.45am - 4.30pm / The Box / £10 - £20, booking required*


From the politically motivated overt actions of the Anonymous Group to the recent protests against NHS cuts and the newly re-elected British government, the ways the public can protest and take political action have changed in today’s information-saturated world. On 18 June FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) in Liverpool will be hosting a workshop in collaboration with Liverpool Hope University, a-Political, and Games and Social Change, which considers the question: Protest - Is it still possible in the 21st Century?


This event at FACT offers an opportunity to discuss how the internet and its mouthpiece, social media, has affected how we express ourselves and what outlets we use today to challenge the status quo. With our online and offline lives are constantly being watched, how does successful action-based protest manifest itself nowadays?


Participants will be given an insight into current perspectives on protest through an initial Consciousness Raising workshop with the Institute of Precarious Consciousness, followed by three short talks by the UK-wide youth leadership development organisation UpRising, Mexican writer and media artist Fran Ilich, and IOCOSE, a group working in Europe and Italy organising actions in order to subvert ideologies, practices and processes of identification and production of meanings, intertwined with the documentary film We Don’t Like Samba (2014) about the social struggles in Brazil, with the filmmaking collective CIS Berlin in attendance. Group discussions will be built into the programme, encouraging participants to share their own experiences of protest.


Confirmed Speakers:

Fran Illich – Digital Sunflower New Digital Currencies in support of underground movements in Mexico as part of the Games and Social Change network

Dr Elena Boschi  - Liverpool Hope University, Radical Screening Practices

CIS Berlin - We Don't Like Samba

UpRising - young people and politics represented by Natasha Mynors

New Collective - bridging the gap between the younger generation and businesses

Laura Emma Misch - Youth Activism and Technology Researcher

Institute of Precarious Consciousness - Consciousness Raising Workshop


*Please note there are three tiers of tickets for this event, to enable access for all: those who are precariously employed on a zero hour contract or a student, those in full-time employment, and FACT Members.


Liverpool Hope University

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