Pet's Pettings: Speed Dating for Dogs

Wednesday 24 August / 6pm / The Box / FREE, booking required (or application required if you'd like to join in the performance)


FACTLab Resident Artist Kuang-Yi Ku will be hosting a very special, one-of-a-kind performative event, and we're looking for pets and their owners to get involved!


If you are a dog owner, and you've always wondered how to find your pet the perfect partner, look no further.


For his project at FACT, Pet’s Petting, Kuang-Yi explores the idea of sexuality in animals: ”Sex exists in all creatures. Mostly, sex is for reproduction, but for humans it also involves pleasure and love. Do pets like cats and dogs also have sex for sexual pleasure, and if so, would humans care for their pets differently?”


Questioning how humans regard animals as different to ‘us’, Kuang-Yi draws parallels to feminism, queer theory and postcolonialism - i.e. animals, women, queer and colored people are all regarded as “the other” compared to the patriarchal subjectivity. Should we not try to accommodate for the sexuality of our pets (who we claim to love) instead of changing their sexual behaviour by neutering them?


Trying to solve this problem, Kuang-Yi will try to construct a fictional scenario to explore the how pets’ sexual desire will fit into the future society, and speculate on the new relationship between human beings and pets - resulting in a pet dating app, speed dating and love hotels.


The event will be open to a limited number of dog owners and their pets, with a tickets available for non-pet owners to spectate. If you own a dog and are interested in being part of the performance, please email with your name, gender, age, contact information, and the same for your dog, including theirname, gender, age and a photo!


This event is set in the year 2046, when pets are no longer neutered, and you will be performing!


Check out what Dazed online are saying about the event!


Booking instructions:

Please only book a ticket if you wish to watch the event unfold. If you wish to be part of the performance and see if you can find love for your pet, email to apply - limited places available! Deadline for applications is Friday 19 August.

Event times

This event is no longer running.