Orbits Atoms

Tuesday 13 September / 3pm - 5pm / The Box / FREE, drop-in


IJAD Dance Company showcase their new project: a user-friendly digital performance using live dance elements and interactive digital technology.


Facilitating multi-faceted experiences of live performance, the event promises to take audiences on a mini adventure with a fun, interactive element.


The event will be an experimental live test of the project, and spectators are invited to bring along a mobile phone, and scientific thoughts about astronomy, imagination and dream spaces. Audiences will then be able to interact with the dancers, offering direction and controbuting to the choreography as it unfolds.


This platform is the result of a collaboration between IJAD dance company, NITEcorp, Citrus Suite, Anton Hecht, Andrew Newsam Professor of Astrophysics from Research Institute in Liverpool in LJMU and Pauline Brooks PhD, MFA, Reader in Dance Performance & Pedagogy.

ACE Grant Award

Event times

This event is no longer running.