Nise: O Coração da Loucura (The Heart of Madness)

Based on a true story, Nise: The Heart of Madness follows Nise da Silveira, a doctor who led a rebellious life. After being appointed by a psychiatric hospital on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro and refusing to employ the new and violent electroshock treatment, Nise quickly becomes ridiculed by doctors. As a result, she is forced to take the abandoned Sector for Occupational Therapy, where she fought and won a battle against the prejudices of men and of science by daringly treating her patients as human beings and starts a revolution through art and love.


Multi award winner for best fiction feature, one of the highlights of this year’s selection.


This screening is part of this year's Brazilica festival, a Rio-style carnival in Liverpool since its European Capital of Culture year in 2008 with the focus on involving and engaging local communities in its preparation and performance as well as presenting a memorable spectacle for the people of Liverpool and visitors from further afield. 

Event times

This event is no longer running.