Minecraft Infinity Project

Saturday 9 July / 11am - 5.30pm / The Box / FREE, drop-in


Morph artworks into the largest virtual sculpture ever made!


The Minecraft Infinity Project invites players to collaborate with Minecrafters the world over to remake artworks exhibited at this year’s Liverpool Biennial into the largest virtual sculpture ever made.


Join us at FACT as we launch the event with introductions to the project, and the ways Minecraft and art meet, followed by collaboration and open game play until 5.30pm!


Minecraft Morph Project is commissioned by Liverpool Biennial in partnership with FACT; produced by Tony Guillan and created by Adam Clarke in collaboration with map maker Dragnoz.


Launch schedule:

11am –12pm 

A presentation about the ways in which art and Minecraft can work together with Tony Guillan, Adam Clarke and Dr. Mark Wright.


12pm – 5.30pm

Open drop-in session for children and families to use Minecraft to morph artworks into the largest virtual sculptures!

Event times

This event is no longer running.