Liverpool Psych Fest: PZYK Cinema

23 and 24 September / 4pm - late / Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia at Camp and Furnace / Open to festival ticket holders only


We've teamed up with Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia to present Virtual Reality, a selection of psychedelic shorts presented at Camp and Furnance for Psych Fest 2016.


What is this concept, ‘real’, and how do we engage with - and even abuse - it? We constantly manipulate the world and objects around us - bending reality to our will: in our imaginations, through our interactions and portrayals online, or IRL through the use of half truths, psychotropic substances and exercises of self-delusion. This programme explores the extent to which we can rely upon a fixed notion of objective reality and considers what happens when our ideas about the limitations of possibility start to melt away…


Inspired by the themes of Psychedelia (specifically the ideas of expanded consciousness and the properties of hallucination) this programme features films which imbue everyday objects with agency only to push them to breaking point; shorts which take us on dreamlike (or nightmarish) journeys into our subconscious; a whole wealth of digital animation, collage, and rendering techniques; and sculptural moments of texture-meeting-sound in a cacophony of sense-battering, transformative synaesthesia.


Curated by Lesley Taker, Producer/Curator at FACT, the programme includes:


Mark Leckey, Pearl Vision, 2013 (3.07) 
Alice Dunseath, You Could Sunbathe in this Storm, 2014 (6:00)
Nine animators for Dan Deacon, When I Was Done Dying, 2015 (5.45)
Ian Cheng for Liars, Brats, 2012 (3.03) 
Sam Wiehl & Robert Strachan, In Between Spaces, 2016 (26 mins)
James Franco, Dream, 2012 (1:19)
Soda_Jerk and The Avalanches, The Was, 2016 (13:41)
Cécile B. Commericals (It's not possible, it's real), 2015 (1.10)


These shorts will be screened alongside Mark Leckey's Dream English Kid, 2015, a film using archival material from television shows, advertisements and music, to create a record of all the significant events of his life from the 1970s until the 1990s, including key formative moments within Liverpool’s late 70s subcultural landscape. 


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