Qwop Dance

SYNDROME present two new commissions exploiting interactive and human recognition technology for Liverpool Light Night 2014

SYNDROME is a lab and events programme for Liverpool in 2014/15 by Mercy, in partnership with Hive, exploring interaction and affect in new media performance. It is supported by grants from Arts Council England, through Grants for the Arts, and Liverpool City Council through the ACIP fund.

9pm – 10.30pm (performance at 9.30pm)
Ropewalks Square, FACT, Liverpool
Glitch artist Antonio Roberts presents a new aspect to his work exploring error, working in tandem with butoh inflected dance performed by Rachel Sweeney. Computer interface, digital image, human body and choreography are drawn into beautiful maelstrom of system error. The public are invited to join in and excert their own influence over this unwieldy system for control. 

8pm - 11pm @ FACT Atrium
What does your face say about you? A re-imagining of the 19th century pseudoscience of 'phrenology', Tom Schofield's live interactive artwork 'reads' you -- making assumptions about your personality based solely on digital measurements of your head. Inspired by biometrics, data mining and current surveillance techniques, this special commission has been produced in collaboration with John Bowers and in partnership with The Double Negative and FACT to celebrate Science Fiction: New Death.

Artist Tom Schofield will be giving a talk about the project at 7pm in front of the screen.