It's not a party. It's a gathering: Landscape & Performance Workshop

Friday 11 June / 11am - 4pm / The Box / Free

This workshop from Tess Denman-Cleaver will bring together will bring together artists and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds in order to explore what landscape is.


Although we will be mostly thinking about performance, you are invited to bring your own practice, presumptions and tools to respond to the questions, materials and instructions offered during the workshop gathering.


Activity on the day will be largely shaped by the group’s practical responses to such questions. We will be working together in and around FACT in Liverpool.
In preparation for the workshop there will be a small amount of reading to do, nothing too onerous.


If you would like to attend this workshop please send a short paragraph describing who you are / what you do / why you are interested. Send it to by midday on June 10th.

Event times

This event is no longer running.