Human Futures Workshop: Sebastien Pierre

5 November / 6pm - 8pm / MediaLab (3rd floor at FACT) / FREE, booking required


Join Canadian artist Sebastien Pierre to discuss the future of privacy and sharing as part of the Human Futures exposition.


Worldwide, privacy is challenged while our dependency on networks is increasing. Governments and corporations are massively harvesting personal data. Citizens need to take back some control to preserve freedom of information.


Leveraging inexpensive hardware, WiFi networks and open-source software, the Invisible Islands are small devices that create a localized digital overlay. Based on the simple idea of tying information to the physical space, the Islands are naturally sheltered medium for the community to share and interact in the public space.


Pierre will present his interactive data sharing installation Invisible Islands and give participants the chance to make their own contribution to the project! You will work in groups to create creative content, and what you produce will then be uploaded, making your creations part of the art work itself.


With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union

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This event is no longer running.