FACTLab Hack Nights at the Phil: Audio Synthesis based on Moving Images

Tuesday 20 October / 5.30pm - 7.30pm / 1840 Room at Liverpool Philharmonic / FREE


Inspired by themes from the film THX1138, where machines mediate most human interactions, and technology plays a vital role maintaining systems of order and control, this workshop will explore what happens when machines choose what music they want to play.


In a world where computers influence many of our daily decisions, we'll learn how algorithms can generate sounds based on moving images. We will be using the Processing programming language to learn principles of image processing and audio synthesis, and how they can be used together to create autonomous music systems.


BYOC&H (Bring Your Own Computer and Headphones) with Processing installed (download the programme at https://processing.org)


Note: these special sessions are one-offs in particular topics but you are welcome to attend every week. If you're interested in signing up to our introductory course instead, click here.


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This event is no longer running.