Dream Machine 2

A participatory Performance/Presentation led by Luciana Haill, neurofeedback artist and visiting research fellow at Sussex University.

Luciana will tell us about the  history of the invention of the first Brainwave monitor by Dr W Grey Walter in the 1940s and how in the early 1960s poet Brion Gysin worked with computer scientist Ian Sommerville to develop the first Dream Machine with hypnotically flickering affects that can literally change our minds. We will hear about how the simple flame was the original brainwave  interface used in rituals wiith the addition of rhythmic drumming to  take the mind into an altered state of consciousness.

See for yourself how our brainwaves change when exposed to the flickering photic stimuli of Dream Machines and personal Audio Visual devices.
EEG activity shows oscillations at various frequencies, and several of these oscillations have characteristic frequency ranges with spatial distributions that are associated with different states of brain functioning (e.g.  concentrated focus, waking, hypnosis, ASC and various sleep stages). Visions and fleeting inspirational ideas are the most desirable side-effects, from a passive receptive state of mind, similar to some forms of meditation.

Not suitable for persons with photo-sensitive epilepsy.