Do Something! Saturday: MemoryCraft

26 September, 10 and  24 October, 7 and 21 November / 12pm - 2pm and 2pm - 4pm / FREE, booking required


Suitable for ages 12+


Minecraft has been a space for social memory and co-design since its very beginning: the incredibly diverse worlds and cultures people create within the game are artefacts of time and memory.


They can seem throwaway to onlookers but are often precious, personal and based on real places and experiences, taking incredible man hours to build and manage. Emerging technology from the 'Internet of Things' means there is potential for these spaces to embody real cultural memory and make data meaningful and engaging.


Work with artists and creative technologists exploring the ‘Minecraft of Things’ and building on FACT’s CloudMaker research to connect the real world to the game with tools like Python, Arduino, node-red and Raspberry Pi. Come along and connect the real world to the game!

Event times

This event is no longer running.