DIY eZines

Tuesday 21 June / 1pm - 5pm / Media Lab / Free, booking required


Join us for a discussion on the future and history of DIY publishing and zines, with a hands-on demonstration of eZine publishing. We will be using Raspberry Pi computers, but no previous experience is necessary. Journalists, zine makers, students, technologists and the curious are all welcome!


The history of DIY publishing and zines is one of appropriating technologies of composition, copying and distribution to retain empowering control of the messages and images you want to publish. The internet has made communication almost instantaneous and effortless, and yet somehow along the way we have lost control of the technologies of production and distribution. To host a zine on Facebook, Tumblr or even your own web server, means uploading files to a computer harddrive in a warehouse ‘cloud’ service somewhere else in the world.

Event times

This event is no longer running.