Designing Digital Now: Panel Discussion

Thursday 16 June / 1pm / FACT Connects Space / FREE


Premiering at FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), The Creative Exchange presents the new exhibition Designing Digital Now, taking a critical look at how we are shaping digital technologies and, in turn, how digital technologies are shaping us. The exhibition is showcased in the FACT Connects space between 17 - 25 June, exploring how digital resources from smartphones to Facebook have transformed what each of us can learn, make and do.


1pm – Lunch

2pm – Panel Session
Panel session reflecting on the challenge and opportunity of designing digital spaces, with contributions from academics across CX’s projects. Drawing on the experiences and learning gained from CX this panel discussion will reflect upon the opportunities and challenges presented by digital public spaces to explore ways in which we might more knowingly take action through design in a digital world. Chaired by Professor Neville Brody, Dean of the School of Communication at the Royal College of Art, and featuring contributions from Professor Richard Koeck (Liverpool University), Dr. Emma Murphy (GSA), Dr. Roberto Bottazzi (RCA) and Peter Thomas (Middlesex University).  


Booking a place for this event will also guarantee your attendance to the opening of the exhibition, from 4.30pm - details here.

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This event is no longer running.