Deconstructing Zoe

Wednesday 8 November / 6.30pm / The Box / FREE, booking required 


Deconstructing Zoe is a vivid and intimate portrait of a transgender actor -  an exploration of gender, race and sexuality, seen through Zoe’s eyes as we trace her journey from boyhood in a small town in Malaysia to the West-end stage, via the trans scene of London.


Deconstructing Zoe asks us to explore the notion that gender is not fixed or binary, but for some is a spectrum, and that at any one time we can be gender-queer and sexually fluid.


The screening will be introduced by the film’s director, Rosa Fong, a Senior Lecturer in Film and Television in the dept of Media at Edge Hill University. Her research interests are in Transcultural identities, narrative structures, memory, displacement and identity and performativity. 

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This event is no longer running.