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15 October / 12am - 8pm / The Box / FREE (Just drop in!)

Tejido de memoria looks at the reconstruction of past political stories through the personal and the social located in a specific collective space, the city of Buenos Aires. The memory of Zerbarini’s personal life interacts with the events of the political and economic history of her country. Viewed from the present, the events are entwined and allowed us to see history in a dynamic way, with a distance enabled by time, relationships, interpretations and agreements that organize realities and truths of the present, realities and truths that will eventually be questioned in the future. Through images, texts and sounds, this works is about the disappeared in Argentina, children born in captivity in the late 1970s, the economic crisis sparked by the dictatorship, and the big economic, political and social crisis of 2001. It is about the impact of these events on the lives of people. The dialogue of the viewer and his opinion since the work was conceived in 2004, compared to texts appeared in the media, shows unknown cultural and social changes of that time made possible by technology.