14 October / 12am - 5pm / The Box / FREE (Just drop in!)

Historical Memory of the Alameda is a site-specific and participatory project, conceived and developed in Santiago of Chile in 2005. It deals with Chilean memory, in particular with the period going from Salvador Allende’s democratic government (1970-1973) to the end of Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship (1974-1990). During these years Santiago’s streets became the scenario of different events of oppression and resistance. The avenue La Alameda de las Delicias is the main street in Santiago and the centre of Santiago’s social, economical and political life. Historical Memory of the Alameda brings together the avenue’s landscape with the events marking its history. It aims to bring to light important memories in a nation where the scars of history are still visible. Contents included in the Historical Memory of the Alameda attempt to achieve a poetic interpretation of urban space, working as a consciousness catalyst of the historical, political and social dynamics that form urban networks.