Byzantium Workshop with Paul Hayes

7 - 10 July / 2pm - 3pm / FACTLab / FREE, drop-in


Programmer and Creative Technologist Paul Hayes leads an exciting, hands-on series of workshops where participants can gain unique insight into the technologies which underpin this fascinating art installation in FACTLab, by gathering, capturing and responding to the data which nourishes the project.


In FACTLab, we have seven poems from different cultures (in english translation) as source texts typed in different colours: red, orange, yellow, sea blue, blue, indigo, pink. The poems are cut up into sentences an phrases. Attendees can swap in alternative fragments and phrases or provide their own.


They can then record their own individual sentences and type them out in green ink to add to the pool. We start with the text of Sailing to Byzantium which is cut into phrases and we are devising experiments at the lab.


Outside FACT, on Ropewalks Square, participants will be be able to feed their own words into the word pool. We have brought a Liverpool phone number which we will display on the tree with info about the project so that anyone can ring in, hear an evocative recorded message and leave their own message to be incorporated in the language experiment. Each day the recorded sounds are typed up in green ink and added to the pool.

Event times

This event is no longer running.