British Winters: A film by Andrew Turner

Monday 12 June / 7pm (please note: no trailers or adverts) / The Box / £6, booking required


A debut film from North Wales, British Winters is the gripping story of one man’s struggle with life and his place in the world.  


Procrastinator Noel Winters may be surrounded by friends and family but he’s lonely, disenchanted and, frankly, lazy. Disillusioned with himself as much as the outside world, he draws inspiration from his younger adopted sister, Hannah, who becomes a beacon of hope in a world Noel finds increasingly challenging. Forced to confront his life and everyone in it, Noel finally makes a life-­changing decision. But will it be the right one?  


Created at TAPE Community Music and Film, British Winters is a must-­see feature film with a powerful message. A community-­based  project, British Winters was made possible thanks to a team of volunteer actors and artists who have all brought Noel’s story to life.

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This event is no longer running.