FREE (drop in) / 1pm - 3pm / Suitable for children aged 5 - 12 years and their parents and guardians.

Sharon Lockhart is interested in children and their behaviour. She films children playing in unusual spaces and makes us think about how those spaces are different with the children present. This makes us wonder “what is play?” “What is imagination?” “How does the city change when we play there?” and “Does it really matter where we play or use our imagination or do we create the spaces in our minds”?

For the Everything is Beautiful workshop artist and musician Najia Bagi brings together a few of these themes, looking at how we can use our imaginations to create our own playful space in the city. 

Printed materials, sand boxes, hay and flowers, bat and ball and domestic items, wind chimes and triangles will all be provided for use in the Everything was Beautiful installation.