Bicycle Thieves Cert. U Picture house at FACT

  • Released1948
  • Running time85 minutes
  • DirectorVittorio De Sica
  • GenreClassic
  • LanguageItalian
  • CastLamberto Maggiorani, Enzo Staiola

Part of the Liverpool Architectural Society Film Series 2017-18.

Which is the real city? The one you walk around, go to work in, go shopping, live out your life – or the one you see up on the screen in the darkness of the cinema, immersed in the lives of the movie scripts’ characters. Film directors and scriptwriters use the city as a backdrop for the stories they tell, but they are also often much more that, becoming a real part of the story – a visceral engagement with a side of life that we, the audience, might not otherwise engage. When we visit these cinematic cities in actuality there is a real sense of having been there before, seeking out the familiar landscapes, buildings, and sites that are familiar from the movies.

This film series organised by the Liverpool Architectural Society takes you on a tour of some of the world’s greatest cities, travelling in time as well as space to impoverished post-World War II Rome (Bicycle Thieves) and to Tokyo of the 1950s (Tokyo Story) as it dramatically changes to the 20th economic powerhouse it would become. It takes us to the North American high-rise city at its most beautiful and enigmatic (Vertigo) and then back to Europe to explore the gritty underground cultures of London and Berlin that exist outside most of our normal experience (The Long Good Friday and Run Lola Run). 

Each film screening will begin with an introduction at 6pm from either an architect or historian, followed by the film starting at 6.20pm. 

The Liverpool Architectural Society Film Series 2017-18 is supported by the Royal Institute of British Architects Local Initiative Fund.


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Tuesday 17 Oct 2017
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