Being posthuman?

21 November / 10am - 5.30pm / The Box / FREE, booking required


From Humans to Person of Interest, from CHAPPiE and RoboCop to The Terminator, and from Mass Effect to Deus Ex, contemporary culture has a fascination with, and fear of, machines that can think.


Through a film screening of Alex Garland’s Ex Machina, and a discussion forum and poster display, we will explore representations of cyborgs, digital consciousness and virtual environments, asking questions about how technology is changing us, our attitudes towards artificial intelligence, and considering what our relationship with machines might say about ‘being human’.


Being posthuman will prompt an examination of the impact of technology in our everyday lives and how it might affect us in the future. Is a cyborg still a human? Are we already cyborgs? Should we be frightened of AI? Are we still human if our minds are uploaded into machines?


In partnership with University of Liverpool

University of Liverpool

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